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Greeting message
<Greeting message>


 Thank you for visiting our "Dream Liquor Service「Mush-bin」" platform of the Watanabe Liquor Shop Ltd.
From Takamatsu city in the western part of Japan, Tetsuo and Eiji Watanabe would like you
to know how deep and wonderful the jizake (Japanese local brews) tastes, how passionate
and heartful these local brewers are in making sake, and how particular and meticulous they
are about rice, process, and water.
 In order to offer you the best conditioned liquors, our store is equipped with three prefab
refrigerators with an area of 18m2, five reach-in refrigeration facilities with 13 doors, and
13m2 cold/dark facilities and so on, enabling the multi-zone temperature management
appropriate for each kind of liquors.
 We will guide you heartily to meet best tasty liquors for you.
Please feel relaxed and enjoy your visit.

<Marketing policy>

 Our aim is to be a heartful store as a gateway to the jizake world by propagating the
understanding and appreciating the local brewers’ passions and toils for quality.
 This is why we neither auction goods nor sell them with premium.
 Also in the internet service, we are trying hard to take the same stance as attending you face
to face in the store.

Dream Liquor Service guides「Mush-bin」: Tetsuo Watanabe, Eiji Watanabe

Announcement from Takamatsu City in 1893
外から見たワタナベ酒店 店内の冷蔵酒蔵 店内の冷蔵酒蔵と倉庫の2.5坪冷蔵庫 店内
店内 リーチイン冷蔵庫 店内 リーチイン冷蔵庫と山田錦のディスプレイ

 The Watanabe Liquor Shop Ltd. was established in 1893 at the current site (Ogi-machi,Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa).
At that time, this place was a doorway to Takamatsu city, with Takamatsu Station ofthe Sanuki
Railroad Company located about 100m south from here.
There was a port on the north, prosperous as a wharf.
In this context, this area can be considered to be the birthplace of civilization in Takamatsu.
 Afterwards, Takamatsu Station was moved north-east to the port area as the railway company
was nationalized. After moving three times, the station is reborn in 2001 within the framework
of the Sun-port Takamatsu Wharf Development project.
 Currently our location is a quiet residential-commercial area where old row of houses along
a street filled with human touch.

We would like to send liquor-and-dream information from here to the world on the Internet.
You are welcome to visit our shop.


◎From the Matsuyama direction, use the Takamatsu Expressway, get off at the Takamatsu-
   nishi Interchange and make a left turn at the immediate signal.

◎From the Tokushima direction, use the Takamatsu Expressway area, get off at the Danshi
   interchange and turn right with the second signal.

(From here the way is the same) Drive Route 176 on the prefectural road 4.7km.
At the Intersection " Goto-cho" turn right and go east.
where at the crossing you find Lawsom (convenience store) leftward on the western
corner and McDonald's (hamburger shop) rightward on the opposite side of the crossing
(i.e. northeastern corner).

Go eastward over the Goto (Koto) River and go left at the first bifurcated signal and then
enter the left side narrow street at the second bifurcated signal.

Cross the small bridge, go straight over the railroad crossing of the JR Kotoku line and drive
east approximately 200m, and find our shop on the right (south) side of the street.


Car Parking Lot
(2 cars in the west side about 20 m)
Car Parking Lot
(3 car in the southeastern side)

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<Description of Company>
Distributor Watanabe Liquor Shop Ltd.
Established 1893
Administrator in chief Eiji Watanabe
Alcohol sales manager label

(Marking as a person who regularly registers liquor retail sales in Japan)
Address 1, Ogi-machi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 28-30
Phone number 087−821−4584
FAX number 087−821−4972
E-mail info@bisyu.com
 "Dream Liquor Service「Mush-bin」" http://www.bisyu.com/
Blog URLs http://blog.goo.ne.jp/bisyu_2008
Business hours From 9:00 to 19:30
Regular holiday Every Sunday

*Our mail order is only available in Japan.